Hannah. 21. Adelaide.

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  • On Saturday night I was taken on a surprise adventure to a lookout in the hills with pillows, blanket and popcorn in the back of a ute, followed by a drive along the coast. Already feeling like the luckiest person as I ate my late-night ice cream on the sand, out of nowhere I am given a present box. When I opened the parcel to find this stunning ring I was genuinely overwhelmed.

    I am stunned at how someone who I didn’t even know 7 months ago could mean so much to me now. Isn’t it compelling how you can know some people for huge portions of your life and they can never really have the same level of impact in your life or understand you quite as well as someone who you’re really only just beginning to scratch the surface of.

    Life really is an amazing thing.
    • If you are brave enough to close certain doors, you will be amazed at what ones will open up for you.
    • Your life unfolds in proportion to your courage. Trust in your gut feeling and take chances, step out of your comfort zone and be rewarded.
    •There is someone out there who will literally treat you like Kayne treats Kayne… Don’t convince yourself otherwise… Wait for this person.

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  • Feeling pretty chuffed and very lucky.

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    I write sins not five page research papers

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